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- Enterprise workforce modelling & visualisation


  • Org Charts for the whole team

  • Identify HR problems early

  • Build a corporate directory

  • Automatic Updates

Plan & Model

  • Plan Mergers or Acquisitions

  • Create Detailed Plans

  • See the effect of each decision

  • Securely share your plans


  • Identify your top performers

  • Protect your key positions

  • Manage career development

  • Share plans to motivate staff

Archive & Compare

  • Create a dynamic organisation snapshot

  • Highlight differences over time

  • Set targets and goals

  • Recover your information

Visualise and model restructures, mergers & acquisitions

Mapping any workforce restructure with spreadsheets is a nightmare.
Make life easier for yourself and senior management by visualising the whole process, including reporting structure, budgets and more.

  • Sophisticated and dynamic org charts allow you to easily visualise your organisation with up-to-date information. More importantly, they'll really wow the exec team!
  • Easy to customise so you can create the right charts for the right situation. Budget reports, span of control, gender diversity - if the data is in your HRIS, Planning@Work can chart it.
  • Create boardroom quality documents and publish them to Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF for annual reports, presentations or confidential restructure plans.
“We were previously using visio and PDF documents to create Org charts. With the number of changes that occur within the business, the size of the business and the considerable time it took to manually do this it made sense for us to move to dedicated org charting software.” - Megan Shields, HR Systems, Bank of Queensland

Org Charting for the whole team

Multi-user is only the beginning. Using Planning@Work, you can provide access to your company org charts and directory for the whole team.
Configure user security settings to hide sensitive information or charts for piece of mind.

  • Instant Corporate Directory allows you to search for employees by name or title, retrieving email addresses and phone numbers instantly.
  • Single Sign-On Support means once you are logged into your Portal, you can access org charts in
  • Maintain secure access with role-based security to completely control who has access to what sensitive information.
“We successfully completed a significant technical upgrade within tight time constraints...the Navigo team were pivotal in their help and expertise.” - Gayle Stewart, HRIS Advisor, BP Australia

Create succession plans for key personnel

Don't go into panic-mode when key staff leave - create succession plans.
Using Planning@Work, you can visually identify all the highest performing employees in your organisation to prepare for future openings.

  • Use a familiar org chart interface to enable users to instantly create and communicate succession plans for the whole organisation.
  • Evaluate succession criteria such as successor skill sets, readiness, and performance history so you can quickly validate candidates as appropriate successors.
  • Collaborate on succession plans to create an inclusive, practical succession model for all employees. Protecting information from unauthorised access with advanced security settings.

See Planning@Work for yourself