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What is the best HRIS in Australia? (2016)

By / April 13, 2016 / , / 3 Comments

Wait! We have an updated version of this blog. Check out ‘The Number 1 HRIS in Australia Goes To… (2018)‘.


The HR Tech landscape has seen a few big changes since the last time we reviewed the best HRIS system, and times have really changed.

SaaS has become huge, we’ve seen a heap of new entrants to the core HRIS market and small businesses are now being serviced by dedicated HR vendors.

Based on the results from the 2015 HR Tech Survey, the 5 most common core HRIS systems in Australia are:

Podium_of_2009WAGC_Female_Vault5. PeopleSoft

Oracle’s well-established PeopleSoft is still a popular HRIS. With generally positive satisfaction levels, PeopleSoft looks to be keeping its strong position for another year.

Oracle is still actively developing the product and has announced support for Peoplesoft out to 2028. They’re also now offering a fully hosted solution, so it will be interesting to see what’s next for this HRIS.

4. Aurion

The homegrown Aurion is still a competitive system, with recent expansions into HRIS self service via mobile. Despite these new features, satisfaction levels remain mixed.

3. SAP Human Capital Management

SAP HCM continues to be a popular tool for Australian organisations due to the number of HR modules they offer. The majority of SAP HCM users are satisfied with it as an HRIS, which is a positive sign considering the overall negative perceptions that still mar the HRIS market.

2. Ascender Pay (formally Alesco)

After a rebrand from Alesco to Ascender, we’re still seeing a large number of organisations using this well-established HRIS – particularly as an on-premises solution.

We don’t yet know whether all of the changes to Ascender’s offering will affect its position in the market, but for the time being its still a popular option.

1. Chris 21

Once again, Frontier Software’s Chris21 is the most popular HRIS in Australia for 2015. Despite being the only vendor to receive a ‘Very Dissatisfied’ rating, most users are satisfied with Chris21 (even if they’re not necessarily going to recommend it as an HRIS).

As the overall NPS (net promoter score) of HRIS in Australia slowly increases, Chris21 is maintaining its position as a dominant player.


So, which is the best?

Firstly, 52% of respondents have been using their Core HRIS system for more than 7 years. Systems have changed a lot in that time, so many users have no idea how their system compares to the rest of the market.

We also had 43 separate HRIS systems mentioned by respondents, so the number of options for niche markets are growing fast. It’s no longer a case of “here are your 5 options”.

16% of respondents are looking to replace their Core HRIS in the next 12 months, usually for better functionality, with a massive 52% of respondents stating that they wouldn’t recommend their current HRIS solution to someone else.

This year’s winner: Small SaaS HRISimages

With so many users unwilling to recommend their HRIS, we can’t go by popularity. What we can go by is the number of new systems in the market being used.

Yes, they haven’t overtaken the big players in the market yet. Yes, they’re not all getting super high satisfaction rating – in fact, some of the smaller vendors had more dissatisfied users than satisfied, so you will definitely want to do you research when making a selection.

But their use is growing, which is a big win considering how infrequently organisations adopt a new HRIS.

In no particular order, here’s a few of the smaller systems worth checking out:


What about other HR systems?

Core HRIS is only part of the picture. Over the next few weeks we’ll go through some of the other big lists, including the top recruitment software, org charting software, employee onboarding software and tools, OH&S systems and more.

See the most recent results by downloading the latest free report – the 6th Australian HR Tech Survey.

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