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New Year, New Me! Begin Your 2019 Payroll & HR Data Cleanse Project!

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Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Now that we have some January downtime, it’s the perfect opportunity to check if our departments are still aligned to meet our business objectives.

Below are three org charting projects that set you up to begin the year fresh. Learn how to visualise and correct any issues within your data set, as well as how to use org charting to effortlessly report on KPIs in a format that is relevant to your business.


Cleanse Your Payroll and HR Data for 2019 from Navigo on Vimeo.

Start fresh – clean your dirty data!

The general lifespan of a HRIS is approximately 7 years. Without attention, personnel data tends to become dirty and out of sync with reality. Fixing dirty data is a lot easier than it looks. The trick is to visualise you HR data as an org charts to make it relevant to each department, manager and employee.

6 easy steps for getting your data cleansing project started!

1. Find and fix the root cause of your bad data! Is your payroll and HR system a data silo? Does you data set contain missing or inaccurate information, broken position hierarchies or record code and relationship management issues? What ever you do, don’t rely on band-aid solutions! Tip – use the 5 why’s for a structured guide to conducting a diagnosis.

2. Download the free OrgPlus Desktop trial.

3. Import your HR data into the org charting tool.

4. Set up alarms to easily identify dirty data. Set conditions to highlight bad data and create processes around reviewing / correcting these issues. These can be done in different tools such as formulas and conditional formatting in excel, HRIS system and org charts.

5. Visualise and socialise – make data easier to view and digest. Don’t go cross eyed starting at endless rows of data in spreadsheets. Org charts translate data into a format that is easy on the eye – encouraging the data cleansing processes to be much less painful to maintain.

6. Share data to the right people – use an org charting tool to ensure that data remains secure and can be easily understood by all stakeholders. As a result, the responsibility to clean and maintain data can be delegated to line managers using easy to understand charts. Maintaining clean data fast becomes a routine management task once Senior Leadership can easily access shared org charts.

7. Focus on the data that matters first! Start with the critical data that is important NOW to find out what works. Then you can use these processes to cleanse the rest.

All you need is good habits and data governance improve HR data accuracy. Now you can restore trust in your single source of truth by maintaining accurate data.

For more information, see our latest data cleansing webinar or speak to one of our tech consultants on +61 3 9879 4060.

Create your very own org chart!

Your HRIS or Payroll system already has the data you need to create powerful org charts.

Benefits of using org charts:

• Build and maintain an accurate organisational structure
• Identify orphans, vacancies, skill gaps, duplication and redundant positions
• Build an accurate corporate directory for employees
• Actively monitor KPIs (use workforce budget and headcount to quickly identify issues)
• Track, visualise and share employee competency metrics
• Provide job role clarity and contribution to Senior Leadership with supporting data
• Easily share charts and reports in PDF, Excel, CSV and PowerPoint
• Use employee photos, logos, colours and highlights to bring your data to life
• Utilise role-based security linked to your payroll, Single Sign On or Active Directory to control access to every data field

Step-by-step guide: create a chart in OrgPlus Desktop in minutes

1. Download the OrgPlus trial

2. Go to File -> Import Data

3. Select I have employee data and it is ready to be imported, then click Get Started

HR Data Cleanse

4. Select the data source type you would like to import and click on Next >

HR Data Cleanse

5. Click on the Browse button

HR Data Cleanse

6. Find the spreadsheet containing your employees and positions and click Open

HR Data Cleanse

7. Click Next >

HR Data Cleanse

8. Click Next >

HR Data Cleanse

9. Check the Position & Reports To fields have been correctly chosen to create the hierarchy and click Next >

HR Data Cleanse

10. Click Finish

OrgPlus Desktop Chart

11. OrgPlus will then display your chart
Geneder charting

If you would like to automate this process completely, Navigo have several adapters that pull data directly from your HRIS into OrgPlus to keep your charts up to date.

To learn more about our charts, read our article describing the top 7 org charts used by Aussie business leaders or speak to one of our tech consultants on +61 3 9879 4060.

Make use of gender charting!

The gender chart allows you to easily evaluate gender and compensation ratios across your entire organisation, allowing companies to effectively report on their salary structure. This chart lets you view salaries, gender balances, compensation ratios and unbalanced departments at a glance.

Example of a basic gender chart:
Gender Chart

To create this chart, your data will need to include ‘Compa Ratio’, ‘Gender’, ‘Department’ and ‘Salary’ fields for your employees. Once this information is linked with OrgPlus, the chart will take care of the rest.

The shift in the political landscape has stirred polices that attempt to enforce fairness within every organisation. These policies that have the potential publicly name and shame companies with gender inequality, to get ahead of these changes – we have put together a process to create balance within your organisation.

5 actionable steps to visualise and assess gender equality

1. Quantify – clean your data and generate a useful, visual report
Create a report that shows your gender and pay metrics. Avoid doing this in a spreadsheet. It makes the reader do all the heavy lifting in analysing the data. Instead, use an org chart to make the data accessible, visual and easy to review. An added side benefit is managers are quick to clean their HRIS data when they know it’s on show to the Senior Execs.

2. Understand – HR, Management and Senior Management
By using the familiar hierarchical org chart format, managers can easily interpret large amounts of data, identify hot spots, discuss changes and agree on actions.

3. Act upon – balance and reorganise
Create ‘to be’ scenarios for review and approval. If you’re in an org chart / workforce modelling tool you can use real-time updates of calculations, roll-up statistics and department summaries to provide instant feedback.

4. Monitor – ongoing HR review with Line Managers
Create a set of standard report templates you can easily populate with current data. Most workforce modelling tools automate this with a live feed from your payroll / HRIS system. Once setup, weekly HR analytics reports can be distributed companywide via an intranet or company branded PDF. Ongoing responsibility then sits with Line Managers (and is easily reviewed by HR).

5. Responsibility – Board and WGEA reports
Similar to the ongoing management reports, Board and WGEA reports are able to be easily produced using report templates and live HRIS data. With the metrics being regularly reviewed across the organisation, HR and Senior Management can be confident in the data presented.

To find out more about how you can work towards ensuring a balanced organisation in terms of gender wages, please see our reporting gender equality webinar.

Working in the HR tech space tends to be filled with time-consuming tasks, with the help of org charting you can implement some simple solutions that will streamline some of these processes. Also, by crowd sourcing help from your management team, you can alleviate the burden of daunting major projects. By visualising your fresh and accurate data set, hopefully this will free up plenty of time in the HR department for more fruitful projects.

Get started today – try the OrgPlus Desktop trial. For more information about org charting solutions or any of the topics discussed today, contact our friendly team on +61 3 9879 4060.

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