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Australia’s Top HRIS (2019)

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Top HRISChoosing a Human resources management systems (HRIS) is a complex project to say the least. Due to popular demand, the annual HRIS review is back to help you decide! Navigo has now been independently running the HR Tech Survey for over 10 years to help the HR community plan, justify and execute HR tech projects.
Since the 2018 review, results from the survey have introduced new vendors to compete for the top 5 spots. Our research also revealed that 50% of respondents are using less than half of the functionality in their core HRIS and only 25% believe they’re using 75% or more of their platform. Clearly the quality of system implementation is still key to its success!

The review

44% of participants selected either self-service usability or employee engagement as their top priority for HR tech strategy. We have incorporated results from the vendor HRIS self-service and satisfaction charts to determine the top HRIS for 2019.
Based on data from the 2019 HR tech Survey, the 5 most common Australian core HRIS systems are:

5th place

SAP HCM is one of the most prominent vendors in the Australian HRIS space. SAP has maintained its market stronghold through an extensive range of modules available within its ecosystem.
We have seen a steady improvement in overall vendor satisfaction with 50% of users being content with the platform. Though many organisations have selected SAP HCM as their core HRIS, of the top 5 HRIS systems – SAP HCM was the only vendor that didn’t achieve an ‘excellent’ rating in self-service usability.

4th place

New to the top 5, EmpowerHR (Fusion5) has made quite an impression on our respondents over the past 12 months. Focusing on the delivery of integrated people solutions and services, EmpowerHR handles Payroll and HR requirements for medium to large employee organisations in Australia.
Empower scored only positive results for self-service usability, with 100% being ‘acceptable’ and ‘excellent’. Maintaining positive results in overall customer satisfaction, this people management system is holding its own competing with other larger players.

3rd place

Well established Payroll and Human Capital Management system, Ascender has maintained a strong position in the top three year after year. Ascender has continued to improve on customer satisfaction, with an 11% increase on ‘neutral’ or ‘satisfied’ responses since 2018. This vendor was also one of only two providers that had zero ‘very dissatisfied’ responses.
Other than EmpowerHR, Ascender was the only vendor that had no negative feedback relating to the self-service functionality of its platform. Since the rebrand in late 2015, the data has shown consistent improvements for Ascender.

2nd place

Offering a comprehensive suite of cloud HR software solutions, ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll has jumped up the ranks to take out 2nd position. ELMO has recorded the 2nd highest amount of ‘very satisfied’ responses in overall vendor satisfaction. In terms of self-service usability, 72% of respondents reported their platform as ‘acceptable’ or ‘excellent’.
Drum roll for the 2019 winner…

1st place

For the third time in a row, Frontier Software’s ichris/Chris21 has taken first place as the top HRIS in Australia. The ichris/Chris21 ecosystem is an all-in-one, easy to use human capital management system.
Though ichris/Chris21 has seen an 8% drop in positive satisfaction levels since last year’s survey, overall they’ve achieved the least amount of ‘dissatisfied’ and ‘very dissatisfied’ responses out of every vendor. Their HRIS self-service recorded positive results, with 95% reporting ‘acceptable’ or ‘excellent’ usability. As the overall NPS (net promoter score) of HRIS in Australia slowly increases, Frontier maintains its position as one of the most dominant players in the country.

Runners up (alphabetical order)

Flare HR
Oracle HCM
Payforce (ADP)
Payglobal (MYOB)
Pays Online
PeopleSoft (Oracle)
Technology One
Recently we have seen a focus on selling the dream of the all-in-one solution. With nearly 30 different HRIS systems listed by respondents, it’s clear that the HRIS market remains significantly fragmented. The tug-a-war between core HRIS and Best of Breed platforms continues moving into 2020.

The data

In the below chart (sourced from the 7th HR Tech Survey), we asked our survey participants to rate the self-service usability for their core HRIS on a scale of ‘poor’ to ‘excellent’.
The standout 2019 winners in usability are ichris/chris21 and EmpowerHR, with SAP HCM still having work to do in this area.
Even more interesting is how users of these systems review HRIS performance. We asked users to rate their satisfaction with HRIS on a scale from ‘very dissatisfied’ to ‘very satisfied’. Here’s how they compared.
We have also found it useful to combine the vendor satisfaction results for customer service and system features. The results can be seen in the charts below:
We have seen some positive shifts for some of our top HRIS vendors – but be wary! There has been an increase of dissatisfied responses for overall vendor customer service and system feature satisfaction across the board.

Make sure you do your due diligence when selecting your HRIS, ensuring you choose the right solution based on your organisation’s needs. One thing we have found helpful is to look at the extremes of the results – who’s capable of achieving ‘very satisfied’ customers or has negative responses? When investigating prospective vendors, ask “what do you do to get a very satisfied rating from your customers?”.

For more information relating to HRIS vendors and other functional areas in HR tech, check out the 7th HR Tech Survey.

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