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The Secret to Organisational Design

Continually restructuring and reorganising an entire organisation is a big task. Nowadays, most businesses see organisational redesigns as a regular, recurring HR activity – either to meet changing market demands, reducing costs or preventing stagnation. Do them well, and you’ll have a more competitive, powerful and engaged team. Do them poorly….and you’ll likely have poor […]

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How to use sexy org charts to score your next promotion

So you’re the one in charge of preparing org charts. Ok, it’s not the traditionally glamorous job of astronaut or Hollywood actress, but you should still be getting a ton of praise and recognition for those charts! They look great! They’re super useful! They took you weeks to prepare! Time and time again, we hear […]

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[WEBINAR] Reporting Workplace Gender Equality to avoid the Public Shame List

If you have more than 100 employees (and you’re not in the public-sector), you need to report your Workplace Gender Equality stats to the WGEA by May 31st. Fail to do so and your organisation may be publicly shamed online. Not only is that going to cripple your employer brand, it’s also going to be […]

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3 Reasons Why Traditional HR Reports are Useless

Things are looking dire. The market has shifted, and senior management needs information. They need it fast. So what do you do when you need to give a snapshot of your entire organisation at the drop of a hat? You won’t just need to know who is working for whom – you’ll probably need a […]

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The advantage of enterprise HR solutions

Sometimes, a spreadsheet isn’t enough. You can create an org chart or plan a restructure through a spreadsheet, but using enterprise HR solutions is so much easier. Enterprise solutions are dedicated to a specific function. They automate and simplify business processes and provide further details unavailable in spreadsheets. If you’d like to kill your spreadsheets, here […]

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HR Tech News March

Welcome to March’s latest HR tech news and thoughts from Australia and around the world. Failed school intranet project spent AU$1.4m on launch party before crashing and burning In an example of what not to do, the Victorian Government is facing allegations of misdeeds for their Ultranet project. The original goal of the Ultranet project […]

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Webinar- Hack your org charts with Planning@Work

Hack your restructures with Planning@Work in this webinar: Wednesday, the 24th of February at 12:00pm AEDT Take control of your organisation’s shape and direction by predicting the future using Planning@Work. What would you do if an executive member left? What would happen if you had to go through a major restructure? Hack your own brain with Planning@Work to have the […]

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HR Tech News February 2016

Welcome to this month’s update on HR Technology news from Australia, New Zealand and abroad. Parse is moving on, Oracle promotes mobile cloud service Parse, the hosting platform popular for creating and testing apps, is winding down over the course of this year. Parse was an established hosting platform with tested resolve for enterprise solutions. […]

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Integrate or Die! – The future of Best of Breed SaaS

By / June 19, 2015 / , / 0 Comments

*This blog post has been reposted from HROnboard The growth in enterprise HR SaaS apps is a great thing for organisations – specialised vendors playing in once unheard of niches providing real value for people management. I’m talking about the Culture Amp for employee surveys, Deputy for time and attendance, and the app I run – HROnboard, for employee […]

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The Rise of the Customer Success Manager

By / May 19, 2015 / , , , / 0 Comments

Mad Men was one of the best shows on TV. Sadly, it recently ended after 92 episodes spanning 7 seasons. However, what I particularly loved about Mad Men is the way the writers have portrayed the dynamic Client/Account Manager relationship: they share everything from strip clubs, prostitution, car theft, bribery, adultery… the list just goes on […]

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