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Customising your HRIS the right way

By / June 10, 2012 / , / 0 Comments

It's rare to be happy with out of the box functionality.

It’s a rare occurrence when an organisation is happy with out of the box HRIS functionality.

During implementation, it may be that HR/Payroll changed their practices to fit the features of the HRIS. But over the life of a system new information is required to be stored and processes change. The HRIS will need to be customised to meet these requests.

Knowing the right way to approach customising and extending the functionality of your HRIS is critical as the downstream impacts can be expensive and time consuming.

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On-demand Webinar – Re-inventing HR Payroll Practises using Enterprise Wikis

By / April 4, 2012 / , / 0 Comments

Most of today’s HR/Payroll operations are still in the 90’s with operating processes and know-how either written on paper, in a document on a shared drive, or worse, stuck in your “soon to be retired” Payroll Operators’ head. This operational model is the cause of processing errors, inconsistency and business continuity risks. With the emergence […]

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