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How to kill your spreadsheet with Org Charts [WEBINAR]

The times have changed – the HR spreadsheet is no more. Sound too good to be true? Then this is the webinar for you! Find out how Planning@Work, the cloud-based org charting and workforce modelling tool, can give you all the HR metrics and tools you’ll ever need. You’ll never need to look at another mind-numbing […]

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Webinar- Hack your org charts with Planning@Work

Hack your restructures with Planning@Work in this webinar: Wednesday, the 24th of February at 12:00pm AEDT Take control of your organisation’s shape and direction by predicting the future using Planning@Work. What would you do if an executive member left? What would happen if you had to go through a major restructure? Hack your own brain with Planning@Work to have the […]

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WEBINAR: Create and update org charts automagically with Planning@Work

How long does it take you to create an org chart for one department? Now- how long would it take you to create an org chart for your entire organisation? If it takes longer than ‘no time at all’, this is the webinar for you. Join Grant Cumming, our warlock of org charts, and Megan Shields, […]

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WEBINAR: Modelling What if Scenarios with Planning@Work

Planning@Work is a great tool for planning your current workforce structure. It can also be used to plan future workplace structures in your organisation. Various ‘What If?’ situations can be modelled with Planning@Work, showing you the impact of a certain organisational restructure. What if you made your hierarchical structure flat? What if you fired all […]

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WEBINAR: Plan & Model your organisation like a pro with Planning@Work v12

With Planning@Work release 12 now live, we thought it was time to show you how to use all the awesome new modelling features now available! This is the perfect webinar for anyone currently using or thinking about using Planning@Work to visualise, plan and model their workforce. As Org Charting Specialist here at Navigo, join me as as […]

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WEBINAR: Corporate Restructures #2 – The Power of Org Charts

By / June 4, 2015 / , / 0 Comments

  Our last Webinar featured the tips and tricks to successful corporate restructures. Part 2 features our live how-to guide that shows how powerful org charting software can be used to take restructuring from headache to piece of cake! Join Grant Cumming as he takes you through a step-by-step guide to restructures using the org charting tool, Planning@Work. […]

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WEBINAR: Corporate Restructures: The complete guide for HR

By / April 30, 2015 / , / 2 Comments

No matter what the cause of your restructure is, getting through the process in one piece isn’t easy. Restructures are fluid. Objectives change and plans change with them. So how do you create, communicate and implement a successful restructure? Join Grant Cumming and Michelle Clancy, HR Tech Specialists, as they guide you through the restructure […]

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WEBINAR: Using org charts to make awesome HR reports

By / March 11, 2015 / , / 1 Comment

Reporting’s always been a big responsibility for HR and Payroll. Whether it’s just a quarterly headcount or something more complex like workplace diversity statistics, spreadsheets and PowerPoint can only get you so far. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to use org charts and the data from your HRIS/Payroll systems to create reports that […]

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WEBINAR: The fastest (and easiest) ways to clean up bad HR data

By / February 12, 2015 / , / 4 Comments

Having accurate, fresh and complete data is a pleasant daydream for many of us in HR. Our reports will be more useful (and easier for us to generate), which will lead to much more informed decision making. But what’s the fastest, easiest way to make this dream a reality? How do you clean up your […]

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Webinar: Jump Start Your Succession Planning Efforts

By / November 20, 2014 / , / 0 Comments

Once reserved for the upper echelons of senior management, today’s succession planning is being redefined. The discipline has broadened to include plans for a larger pool of your talent. Succession planning focuses on managing risk and ensuring continuity across all levels of the organisation including risk of untimely departures of critical personnel, retirees taking their […]

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