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Why are Australian businesses investing in Workforce Analytics?

By / November 3, 2014 / , / 0 Comments

Big Data has been a buzz term for a number of years now. The fact that it’s a big driver of high-level decision making in many businesses outlines just how important Big Data has become to Australian organisations. In the HR world, we’ve witnessed Big Data transcend industry and market analytics and move into workforce […]

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WEBINAR: The ‘Datafication’ of HR: Graduating from Metrics to Analytics

By / October 2, 2014 / , / 0 Comments

Only 4% of businesses use their HR Data for predictive modelling and scenario planning. Has your business graduated to this level, or are you still using data purely for ad-hoc reporting? Our latest webinar, presented by Navigo Head of HR Services and Strategy, Michael Specht, outlines some real-world examples of the difference between limited metrics […]

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Webinar: Fast Track your Workforce Analytics Initiatives with Visier

Recent trends indicate that management are now after an in-depth insight of the workforce from HR – but how do you meet this demand when you are stuck with incompetent tools and lengthy reporting processes? Watch this webinar to see how Visier can offer a complete workforce analytics solution that addresses your organisation’s needs from […]

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Webinar: Getting Started with Workforce Analytics

Analysts are predicting that workforce analytics will become a “must have” tool for HR this year. But how do you get started in this complex area? Watch this webinar as our HR Technology expert Peter Forbes shares the best practice approach to how you can get started with Workforce Analytics. In this webinar you will […]

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Webinar: Improving HR Reports through Visualisation

HR Operations seem to be constantly swamped with requests for people and establishment information and metrics from all areas of the business. It takes time to build these reports, yet the result is often complicated, data heavy rows and columns spreadsheets which are not only unhelpful, but are also out of date by the time […]

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Workforce Analytics: Enhance the Performance of your Business.

By / July 16, 2013 / , , / 0 Comments

Workforce analytics – high powered data analysis companies use to find correlations and insights in their workforce. These insights are used to improve the business through staff retention, cutting costs and increasing company revenue. Examples of insights through workforce analytics: Increase staff retention Workforce analytics can pinpoint teams within your organisation that are struggling to […]

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Webinar – Managing Workforce Reductions the Right Way

By / November 14, 2011 / , , / 0 Comments

Experts say 40% of M&A, workforce transitions and reorganisations fail to meet business objectives. By employing best practices along with technology for managing reorganisations, progressive organisations are successfully reducing risk, cost and key talent loss during workforce reductions. In this webinar, learn: Why organisational change is constant in today’s environment Challenges associated with workforce transitions […]

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