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HRIS Data Cleansing

Use Visualisation to Eliminate Dirty Data

Is There Dirty Data in Your HR Systems?

Old, incorrect or invalid data can paralyse the use of an organisation's HR systems beyond simple payroll transactions. Accurate employee reporting is an impossible task when working with data that contains issues such as an incorrect position title, wrong salary data or reporting line.


Failure to maintain accurate data often results in:
- restructure plans based on the wrong information system
- migration costs that blow-out
- frustrated managers that are driven to create their own source of truth


Read our article explaining best practices to prepare your data for a HRIS migration.


Engage Stakeholders with Easy to Understand Org Charts

Fixing dirty data is actually a lot easier than it looks, the secret is to visualise you HR data as an org charts to make it relevant to each department, manager and employee.


As a result, the responsibility to clean and maintain data can be delegated to line managers through the use of easy to understand charts. Maintaining clean data fast becomes a routine management task once Senior Leadership has the ability to easily access shared org charts.

Watch our webinar outlining how to effectively identify dirty data

Make Your Data Accurate

  • HRIS data cleansing restores the trust in your single source of truth by maintaining accurate data

  • Automate the task of providing up to date management reports

  • With accurate data readily available to plan restructures, workforce planning is no longer an event to be feared

  • Maintain confidence in government and statutory reporting

  • Fix occupancy issues for employees in temporary roles

  • Remove duplicates and legacy records when they move positions


Faster, More Cost Effective System Migrations

  • Save time & money by removing broken data (orphans, vacancies, incorrect codes, unnecessary fields & errors)

  • Take the right data into your new systems

  • Distribute data cleansing responsibilities to those most able to maintain it