Each view can be configured to display a variety of information This may include employee data, photos, department summary analytics and contact information. Please select the chart name below to view an example.

Org Charts

General Chart

Employee Directory

The hierarchy tree and navigation arrows allow the user to move through the organisation and have the option to switch perspectives, number of levels displayed, structure and layout of each org chart.

Org Chart

Employee Profiles

Employee profile information is able to be represented in a configurable pop-up box. This typically includes contact information and a selection of charts to display soft skills, talent metrics and HR data such as absences or leave allowances.

Matrix Reporting

Integrated matrix reporting functionality visualises the varied functional and project relationships that exist in an organisation.

Detailed employee information provides a comprehensive overview of the relationships that exist for every employee. 

Vacant Position

Vacant positions are able to be easily tracked and identified by business unit, location and type. Recruitment metrics are able to be tracked by manager or department such as time to fill, % of open positions, quality of hire (success ratio) and first year attrition.