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Enterprise workforce modelling and visualisation


  • Org Charts for the whole team

  • Identify HR problems early

  • Build a corporate directory

  • Automatic Updates

Plan & model

  • Plan Mergers or Acquisitions

  • Create Detailed Plans

  • See the effect of each decision

  • Securely share your plans


  • Identify your top performers

  • Protect your key positions

  • Manage career development

  • Share plans to motivate staff

Archive & compare

  • Create a dynamic organisation snapshot

  • Highlight differences over time

  • Set targets and goals

  • Recover your information

"I have to say, I continue to be thankful that you and your colleagues are so quick and effective with your help. The support I receive from your organisation is excellent!"

Lynn Nash - Reporting Consultant, Department of Education & Training

Plan & manage organisational change

Planning@Work is the sophisticated solution for managing organisational change and growth in a highly effective, agile fashion.


  • Aggregate and visualise your HR data in real time
  • Automate org charting
  • Collaborate more effectively
  • Access archive reports to ensure compliance
  • Model and transition your workforce to align with strategic objectives
  • Planning@Work benefits

    • Clearly understand your current workforce

    • Model organisational change with user-friendly, drag-and-drop functionality

    • Drive business agility with tools that facilitate easy collaboration

    • Manage transitions quickly and consistently

    • Ensure compliance with a continuous archive of data and changes

    • Build skill, performance, engagement, flight-risk, training & certifications metrics

    • Visualise key performance indicators (KPIs)

    Product features

    • Instant corporate directory

    • Highly customisable administration

    • Conditional formatting for identifying hot spots

    • Cloud hosted

    • Responsive design for mobile access

    • Advanced search functionality

    • 9-box matrix

    • Maintain security with Single Sign On support

    P@W view and chart examples:
    Corporate directoryGeneric
    Compa-ratioLeave liability
    Talent managementPhoto chart
    Length of serviceEmployment type
    Direct subordinatesVacant and orphan position
    Qualification / skill level

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