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Org Charting

Instant Visualisation of Your Entire Workforce

Having Trouble Organising Your Company Structure?

Trying to map, track and understand the current state of your organisation using the wrong tools can be extremely frustrating.


Without an accurate org chart, organisations are unable to manage their structure, job roles and resources to deliver business objectives. Workforce gaps, redundant roles and duplication remain hidden and difficult to uncover without costly external reviews.


Your HRIS or Payroll system already has the data you need to create powerful org charts. Instantly take the data from your HR system and put it to use with highly effective org charting - no manual entry required.

"I have to say, I continue to be thankful that you and your colleagues are so quick and effective with your help. The support I receive from your organisation is excellent!"

Lynn Nash - Reporting Consultant, Department of Education & Training

Discover Your Organisation with Automatic Org Charts

Create and share strategic org charts to critically analyse your organisation on a weekly basis. Collaborate on future state scenarios with the benefit of underlying employee and department data. Effortlessly export and present the supporting evidence in a high quality format for Senior Executive review and Board approval.


To learn more, read our article describing the top 7 org charts used by Aussie business leaders.


Understand Your Current Organisation

  • Build and maintain a clear organisational structure

  • Identify orphans, vacancies, skill gaps, duplication and redundant positions

  • Build an accurate corporate directory for employees

  • Actively monitor KPIs (use workforce budget and headcount to quickly identify issues)

  • Track, visualise and share employee competency metrics

  • Provide job role clarity and contribution to Senior Leadership with supporting data

Org Charting

Customise and Share

  • Use employee photos, logos, colours and highlights to bring your data to life

  • Create management reports that include workforce cost, span of control and headcount

  • Output change reports and employee actions to turn restructure scenarios into reality

  • Easily share charts and reports in PDF, Excel, CSV and PowerPoint

  • Give direct access for Senior Management to accept or reject changes

  • Full audit trail allows HR functions to quickly enact and write-back approved changes

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Data Security

  • Securely share sensitive payroll data with Senior Management

  • Utilise role based security linked to your payroll, Single Sign On or Active Directory to control access to every data field

  • Platforms are audited and certified to the highest standards to meet your internal security requirements

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What is the best product to chart my organisation?