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Org Charting

Instantly visualise your entire workforce

Struggling to organise your structure?

Using the wrong tools, mapping and tracking the current state of your organisation can be extremely frustrating.


Managing structure, job roles and resources to deliver business objectives is near impossible. Workforce gaps, redundant roles and duplication remain hidden and difficult to uncover without costly external reviews.


Your HRIS or Payroll system already has the data you need to automatically create org charts - no manual entry required.

"Navigo have helped us to be proactive with providing different org charts / views to the business, before the business knew they wanted it. The reporting tool (download data to excel) has made the business more independent and less reliant on HR for providing reports."

Colleen Farrell - HR Systems Analyst, Citic Pacific Mining

Discover organisation charts

Org charting solutions allow you to optimise the way you harness HR data. Schedule an org chart to be automatically generated on a weekly basis as a reporting tool.


Collaborate on future state scenarios with employee and department data attached, explore the flow on effect of changes. Effortlessly present hr data insights in a professional format for Executive review and Board approval.


Find out more, read our article: top 7 org charts used by Aussie business leaders.


Understand your organisation

  • Access a clear organisational structure

  • Build a usable corporate directory

  • Track, visualise and share employee competency metrics

  • Identify orphans, vacancies, skill gaps, duplication & redundant positions

  • Gain job role clarity and contribution to present to Senior Leadership

  • Automatically generate recurring department reports for management

  • Actively monitor KPIs (budget, headcount, span of control, etc.)

Org Charting

Customise and share

  • Add employee photos, logos, colours & highlights

  • Share charts & reports in PDF, Excel, CSV & PowerPoint

  • Allow Senior Management access to review suggested workforce changes

  • Create a project plan for restructures, produce a report with highlighted workforce changes & employee actions

  • Full audit trails, allowing the HR team to quickly enact & write-back approved changes

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Data security

  • Securely share sensitive payroll data with Senior Management

  • Role based security, Single Sign On or Active Directory allows user visibility restrictions to each data field

  • Platforms are audited & certified to the highest standards to meet your internal security requirements

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Want to see the future of org charting in action?