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org.manager for SuccessFactors

Create org charts in SAP SuccessFactors.

org.manager for SuccessFactors: at a glance

Seamless Integration SuccessFactors

Seamless Integration

Launch org.manager directly from the SAP SuccessFactors user interface. Select any employee in SAP SuccessFactors & view them in an org structure in one click.

Visualise HR Analytics SuccessFactors

Visualise HR Analytics

Track headcount, span of control, leave liability and budget in an all-inclusive dashboard. Add visualisation rules to highlight key figures that need to be actioned.

Future State Scenarios SuccessFactors

Future State Scenarios

Effortless drag & drop workforce modelling for organisational change. View the flow-on results of each scenario (budget & headcount) & compare to the current state.

Flexible Structures

Flexible Structures

Visualise any structure maintained in SAP SuccessFactors. Organise by Business Unit, Division, Department or Cost Centre. Available to view via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Custom Design

Custom Design

Define the content, layout & design of org charts according to your brand guide. Publish multiple different versions of charts to cater to the needs of different business units.

Print & Export

Print & Export

org.manager offers web print functions & allows you to export boardroom quality org charts into multiple different formats (PDF, PNG, PowerPoint & Excel).

Use case examples

Allowing instant access to up-to-date org charts offers indispensable advantages. org.manager's seamless integration into SAP SuccessFactors provides secure access to HR data, streamlining organisational planning and HR reporting. See for yourself:

Workforce reorganisations

Real-time 'future state' scenarios

Integrating in SAP Jam Collaboration

Mergers & acquisitions

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Why SAP Cloud Platform?

  • Data remains in SAP Data Center

  • Support of SSO & role based permissions

  • Powerful Ecosystem available via SAP App Centre

  • Security / Backup / Restore is part of the SAP offer

  • Scaling according to customer & application requirements


1,600 customers worldwide trust org.manager for their org charting requirements

org.manager for SuccessFactors pricing

The pricing system is variable based on organisation size. To find out more, reach out to our friendly team.