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It’s Time! The 2019 Australian HR Tech Survey is Open!

The Navigo Research Team is excited to announce that the 2019 Australian HR Tech Survey is officially open! For more than 10 years, the Navigo Research Team has been contributing insights to the HR tech community. This year, our main focus will be around the most interesting spending and strategy trends of 2019. We have […]

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Australian HR stories: mastering HRIS change

[Webinar] Q&A with 3 HR Project Management Experts Learn the do’s and don’ts of implementing a successful HR solution, directly from consultants who have seen and done it all. Watch our live Q&A uncovering the experiences of HR veterans during the implementation of new HR and Payroll technology. Your webinar host, Andrew Rees, will discuss […]

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The Number 1 HRIS in Australia Goes to… (2018)

By / November 22, 2018 / , , , / 1 Comment

Human resources management systems (HRIS) are a huge investment. The decision making around changing your HRIS involves serious research and consideration. After all, your HRIS is the source of truth for all HR data and often includes payroll. Since the last HRIS review in 2016, we have seen big changes within the HR tech space […]

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HR Technology Solution Architectures – Part 1

By / November 12, 2014 / , / 1 Comment

A four part series – we look at the common solution architectures for an organisations HR Technology landscape.  In this part 1, we look at the first option – using an “all in one” platform. When it comes to working out your HR Technology landscape (or to use the technical term – solution architecture), there […]

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HR Technology Conference Wrap Up – An Australian perspective

By / October 14, 2013 / , / 1 Comment

What an amazing few days it has been attending the 16th Annual HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. The size of the event was as I expected – huge! With 8,000 attendees from 30 countries with 303 vendors on the exhibition floor – up from 257 last year. The event was a good chance to […]

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AHRI Tech Conference Wrap up

By / August 23, 2013 / / 2 Comments

Monday saw the AHRI HR Technology Conference take place as one of the many pre-event activities around the broader AHRI HRIZON National Convention in Sydney. Rachel Botsman The day kicked off with Rachel Botsman talking about technology disruption and the impact on business. She summarised the drivers of technological disruption in business today: Broken Trust – The movement from institutional […]

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HRIS Policy for (almost) everyone

By / October 25, 2012 / / 0 Comments

So you have strong data access policies, best of breed IT management systems and robust controls over HCM Technology.

IT promote it. HR support it.

This works well when everyone follows the processes, but not everyone does. We’re not talking about employees who become corporate criminals, technology vandals or malicious sociopaths.

Let me introduce a nice man called Bob and explain the mistakes we made.

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Five hidden costs when moving to a hosted HR solution

By / September 19, 2012 / , / 1 Comment

Most Australian HR vendors now offer a hosted version of their traditional on-premise solutions. This means the infrastructure your HR system runs on (the hardware and underlying software components) are managed by the vendor. This frees you up from having specialised IT staff to manage the technical components of the system to ensure it keeps running.

Moving to a hosted model (or ‘cloud’) for your HR software, even if it’s not SaaS can offer significant benefits – but make sure you understand some of the potential hidden costs.

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Thinking of replacing your HR System? Perhaps you should think again…

By / August 29, 2012 / , / 0 Comments

There are many medium sized businesses who have been running the same HR/Payroll system for years, and inevitably the question comes up about replacing these systems.

This may be driven by frustrations due to changes within the business, dissatisfaction with the system/vendor, or the perceived cost and effort of maintaining the system. Enterprise technology is also changing, with sleek, cloud based, social aware applications ever pervasive in our personal lives.

The reality is that ripping and replacing your HR/Payroll system is hard, time consuming and expensive. Additionally, it is a highly visible project with every employee logging into self service, as well as the important issue of needing to pay staff on time every week.

So before you get too far down the road of dreaming about replacing your HRIS, you need to ensure you really ‘need’ a new system.

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Customising your HRIS the right way

By / June 10, 2012 / , / 0 Comments

It's rare to be happy with out of the box functionality.

It’s a rare occurrence when an organisation is happy with out of the box HRIS functionality.

During implementation, it may be that HR/Payroll changed their practices to fit the features of the HRIS. But over the life of a system new information is required to be stored and processes change. The HRIS will need to be customised to meet these requests.

Knowing the right way to approach customising and extending the functionality of your HRIS is critical as the downstream impacts can be expensive and time consuming.

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