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April 2015 HR Technology news

By / May 7, 2015 / / 0 Comments

April has come to an end, but that does not mean there hasn’t been a lot of interesting news in the last month. HR Technology Survey The 5th Australian HR Technology Survey is now open! Take the survey now at: With the growth of cloud technology and rapid advances in best-of-breed systems, the HR Tech […]

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May 2014 HR Technology News

By / May 29, 2014 / / 0 Comments

Welcome to the May 2014 edition of our monthly news.  This month sees many organisation’s delivering their financial results. Financial Results Local vendor TechnologyOne released their half year results with a 17% growth in Net Profit Before Tax on revenues of $87.5 million with the company on track to deliver 10 to 15% growth for the full […]

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July 2013 Australian HR Tech News

By / July 29, 2013 / / 1 Comment

Welcome to this month’s update on HR Technology news from Australia, New Zealand and abroad. Payroll Activities We all know new versions of software sometimes contain bugs or features that while work as intended don’t meet the needs of the business process they were designed to support. According to David Williams over on ITWire, users of Sage MicrOpay’s […]

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Why every HR vendor should be putting integration first

By / January 8, 2013 / , / 0 Comments

When you’re speaking to vendors about their products, it’s often the highly visible and cool features that get the noise and limelight.  After all, these are the features that your line managers and employees will be using most of the time. While I love to see features improving functionality and user experience, what really pikes my interest is […]

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Thinking of replacing your HR System? Perhaps you should think again…

By / August 29, 2012 / , / 0 Comments

There are many medium sized businesses who have been running the same HR/Payroll system for years, and inevitably the question comes up about replacing these systems.

This may be driven by frustrations due to changes within the business, dissatisfaction with the system/vendor, or the perceived cost and effort of maintaining the system. Enterprise technology is also changing, with sleek, cloud based, social aware applications ever pervasive in our personal lives.

The reality is that ripping and replacing your HR/Payroll system is hard, time consuming and expensive. Additionally, it is a highly visible project with every employee logging into self service, as well as the important issue of needing to pay staff on time every week.

So before you get too far down the road of dreaming about replacing your HRIS, you need to ensure you really ‘need’ a new system.

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