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Bad data threatens to stop HR analytics dead in its tracks

By / September 24, 2015 / , , , / 3 Comments

The relevance of HR analytics is threatened if human resources professionals rely on bad data to make strategic decisions. People analytics is a new concept in the world of HR. You may need to familiarise yourself with how to read and interpret data – mostly how to sort the good from the bad. The emerging […]

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Workforce modelling vs HR analytics

Navigo recently sent out an email campaign on the benefits of workforce modelling. Grant has been busy keeping up with the overwhelming response from HR pro’s who are looking to become Modelling Masters. This is a great opportunity to highlight the differences between workforce planning and HR analytics. Both are great tools necessary for organisational success, but they […]

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4 ways Holacracy could put org charts in a spin (Part 1)

There has been a league of digital ink spilled over holacracy since Zappos adopted the practice in 2013, but to summarise, Holacracy is a management style that replaces a traditional, hierarchical organisational structure with role based ‘circles’ based on key functional areas, projects or tasks.   What is Holacracy and where did it come from? Many think the organisational structure […]

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