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2019 Australian HR tech trends revealed: 7th HR Tech Survey

The Navigo team is excited to announce that the 7th HR Tech Survey is complete and available for free download! This online survey was conducted to discover insights relating to Australian HR technology and trends leading into 2020. The respondent profile included professionals working in the HR and IT sectors across Australia. Overall, 135 responses […]

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Australian HR stories: mastering HRIS change

[Webinar] Q&A with 3 HR Project Management Experts Learn the do’s and don’ts of implementing a successful HR solution, directly from consultants who have seen and done it all. Watch our live Q&A uncovering the experiences of HR veterans during the implementation of new HR and Payroll technology. Your webinar host, Andrew Rees, will discuss […]

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New Year, New Me! Begin Your 2019 Payroll & HR Data Cleanse Project!

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Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Now that we have some January downtime, it’s the perfect opportunity to check if our departments are still aligned to meet our business objectives. Below are three org charting projects that set you up to begin the year fresh. Learn how to visualise and correct any […]

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The Number 1 HRIS in Australia Goes to… (2018)

By / November 22, 2018 / , , , / 1 Comment

Human resources management systems (HRIS) are a huge investment. The decision making around changing your HRIS involves serious research and consideration. After all, your HRIS is the source of truth for all HR data and often includes payroll. Since the last HRIS review in 2016, we have seen big changes within the HR tech space […]

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Aurion follow up

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Following the February news post we received a follow up email from Tony Barnes, Executive General Manager, Aurion. Tony wanted to clarify that Aurion is undertaking several changes as part of it’s new strategy. With many of them being made in direct response to a customer satisfaction survey conducted in the second half of 2013. To […]

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HR Vendor briefings for the Australia market

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Our work at Navigo Research involves speaking to businesses who are looking for HR Technology to solve specific business issues.   To come up with a shortlist of suitable vendors we need to have a rich understanding of the offerings available. We do this in various ways – reviewing press releases, reading blogs, attending webinars and […]

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October HR Technology News

By / October 31, 2013 / / 0 Comments

Welcome to this month’s update on HR Technology news from Australia, New Zealand and abroad. HR Technology Conference October saw the running of the 16th Annual HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. Attended by over 8,000 people from 30 countries the event is the largest gathering of HR Technology professional. Read our wrap up on […]

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HR Technology Conference Wrap Up – An Australian perspective

By / October 14, 2013 / , / 1 Comment

What an amazing few days it has been attending the 16th Annual HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. The size of the event was as I expected – huge! With 8,000 attendees from 30 countries with 303 vendors on the exhibition floor – up from 257 last year. The event was a good chance to […]

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PayGlobal purchases UXC Eclipse PayGlobal practice

By / April 23, 2013 / / 0 Comments

Earlier in April PayGlobal, a New Zealand based HR Payroll solution provider, announced the purchase of the Australian PayGlobal Implementation Practice of UXC Eclipse. For several years UXC Eclipse has been one of the leading PayGlobal implementation partners in Australia. UXC Eclipse, part of the larger UXC organisation, is a provider of mid-sized enterprise solutions […]

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Thinking of replacing your HR System? Perhaps you should think again…

By / August 29, 2012 / , / 0 Comments

There are many medium sized businesses who have been running the same HR/Payroll system for years, and inevitably the question comes up about replacing these systems.

This may be driven by frustrations due to changes within the business, dissatisfaction with the system/vendor, or the perceived cost and effort of maintaining the system. Enterprise technology is also changing, with sleek, cloud based, social aware applications ever pervasive in our personal lives.

The reality is that ripping and replacing your HR/Payroll system is hard, time consuming and expensive. Additionally, it is a highly visible project with every employee logging into self service, as well as the important issue of needing to pay staff on time every week.

So before you get too far down the road of dreaming about replacing your HRIS, you need to ensure you really ‘need’ a new system.

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