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Org Charting

Use the data in your HRIS and Payroll systems to automatically generate org charts. Eliminate time consuming manual data entry and ongoing chart administration. Build company directories, design customised charts and effortlessly share across your organisation.


Restructures and Mergers

Simplify the restructure process by creating accurate and visually stunning future state scenarios. Intuitive drag and drop functionality gives you the power to effortlessly design complex workforce remodels. Track all changes and view and compare the KPI outcomes of each scenario created.


Succession Planning

Plan and develop your internal management pipeline to soften the impact of losing experienced employees. Prepare new talent and maintain accurate bench strength metrics. Use HR software to identify gaps, use advanced search and 9-box tools to find and categorise successor readiness.


HRIS Analytics

Discover meaningful HR analytics sourced from your organisation's reporting structure, successfully unlocking the data in your HRIS. Provide focused charts and reports to business leaders containing department budgets, employment types, leave liability, diversity objectives and talent metrics.


HRIS Data Cleansing

Your HRIS is the source of truth for your company and must be accurate. Easily identify, share, review and correct dirty data using org charting HR software. Engage management with visual tools to crowdsource ongoing data cleansing, creating an easy to follow process to improve your HR data.


HRIS Integration and Data Warehousing

HRIS and Payroll integration is the secret to effective workforce modelling and org charting. Use live data feeds to ensure that management are always accessing data from your source of truth. Automate HR admin reports and instantly evaluate restructure scenarios against the real world. Create a data warehouse to centralise and visualise data from an unlimited number of sources.


Our HR software is ideal for..

HR Teams

Visualise your HRIS data to gain a clear understanding of your organisation. Easily clean dirty data, publish charts and collaborate on restructure scenarios.


Instantly navigate across your organisation with visual tools to make data-driven decisions. Use analytics based on your reporting structure for fast communication and action.

IT & HR Tech

Powerful administration and highly configurable role based security provides the tools to deliver a secure, organisation-wide platform.

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"Navigo have helped us to be proactive with providing different org charts / views to the business, before the business knew they wanted it."

Colleen Farrell

HR Systems Analyst

"OrgPlus Desktop has been a lifesaver in preparing for a large organisational redesign. The product was so useful, we tripled our investment into it!"

Carl Blunck

Principal Workforce Analytics & Solutions Specialist

"I have to say, I continue to be thankful that you and your colleagues are so quick and effective with your help. The support I receive from your organisation is excellent!"

Lynn Nash

Reporting Consultant, Department of Education & Training

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