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7 Free Restructure Guides [Updated 2019]

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In 2016 we published ‘5 Free Restructure Guides’, since this topic is still as popular and relevant as ever – we thought it was time for an update. With the significant shifts in HR technology, we have included some fresh content to help you through your organisational restructure.

We all know how painful organisational change can be for everyone involved. To make life a little easier, here’s 7 free restructure guides that will help you get through the process with your sanity intact.

7 Steps to a Planning a Successful Restructure

Restructure Checklist

For a basic overview on restructure planning and management, this 7 step guide is a great place to start.

Read the 7 steps to planning a successful restructure here [download your free PDF checklist].

8 Secrets to a Pain-Free Restructure Using Workforce Modelling


Watch this webinar to see how the latest in HR technology can eliminate time consuming manual tasks and help you to effortlessly design and manage your workforce restructure.

Corporate Restructures: The Complete Guide for HR


This two part webinar goes through the restructure process in depth, showing you how to use your organisational charts to make the process far easier and a lot more effective too.

The first part, focused on the planning stage of the restructure, is available here.

The second part, focused on actually modelling the restructure, is available here.

How Curtin University Used Org Charts To Restructure Their Workforce


Sometimes it’s better to learn from specific restructure examples. Curtin University used before and after org chart models to accurately plan and predict the impact of every stage of their restructure.

You can read how Curtin University managed their restructure using org charts here.

Buy Or Rent? Restructure Edition


When it comes time to choose the actual tools and resources required for planning and modelling your restructure, you’ve got two main options: buy a permanent solution, or “rent” a project team with the tools to assist you.

Find out which restructure tools and teams are best for you in this comparison. 

Guide to the Perfect Restructure

restructure guides

If you need a short overview of the ideal restructure process to show to your restructure team, this is the perfect webinar to watch.

Watch it here to see the key elements you’ll need for the perfect org restructure.

Roadmap For HR Managers in an Organisational Restructure


Looking for a high level overview covering key concerns for HR manager’s during organisational change? Read this popular blog by Subscribe HR outlining actionable steps for the restructuring process, as well as additional considerations.

Read the HR manager restructure roadmap blog here.

Hopefully these restructure guides will help take the guess work out of your next company transformation. If you’re still feeling lost, you can reach our restructure experts on +61 3 9879 4060 or info@navigo.com.au for some impartial advice (or a shoulder to cry on if things aren’t going well!).

Remember – you’re not alone. Corporate restructures happen in every business. Learn from the experience of others to avoid the common pitfalls!

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