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The 7 Must-Have Org Charts used by Aussie Business Leaders

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Every large organisation needs org charts. They help you visualise the structure of the workplace. They help employees understand who works in which department.

But true business leaders go above and beyond simple hierarchy charts.

Here are the top 7 org charts you absolutely NEED to create and use today, based on those used by the leaders in Australian Business:

generic chart - top 7 org charts#1 Company Directory

It’s the simplest chart, but it’s also the one most organisations can’t live without. Whether you’re including your hierarchy in the annual report or just making it easier for employees to find each other, the Generic Hierarchy Chart is perfect for giving an overview of your organisation.


top 7 org charts#2 Budget

It’s much easier to visualise departmental budgets visually. With conditional formatting, you can easily highlight departments who are over or under budget for better decision making for staffing, recruitment and more.


paw_comparatio#3 Compa-Ratio

Comparative Ratio charts measure the difference between how much an employee is being paid and how much the market would usually pay an employee in a similar position. Incredibly useful for identifying areas of over or under spending, this chart can give you better insights into your talent management strategies and remuneration policies.


leave-chart#4 Leave Liability

Quickly find all those employees who have accrued too much leave at a glance. Great for reducing your leave liability, but also great for making sure your employees are giving themselves enough rest and time off!


#5 Gender Equalitygender-chart

See the gender or age diversity of your organisation, department by department or team by team. Now a mandatory reporting requirement in Australia, these charts will help you with your recruitment and cultural strategies.


#6 Employment Typeemptype-chart - top 7 org charts

Visualise your employees based on whether they’re casual, full time, part time or contractors for a better understanding of your workforce. This can help uncover problem departments or potential restructure candidates for each team or department.


#7 Span of Controldirectsub-chart  - top 7 org charts

Find out which managers have too many (or too few) staff to manage with visual alarms on your org charts. This is the perfect chart for managing organisational restructures as it gives you a change to even up managers’ workloads.



Want to know what data you’ll need to create each of these charts? Speak to one of our friendly consultants for tips around how you can quickly and easily create these charts using an org charting tool.

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