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The advantage of enterprise HR solutions

Sometimes, a spreadsheet isn’t enough. You can create an org chart or plan a restructure through a spreadsheet, but using enterprise HR solutions is so much easier. Enterprise solutions are dedicated to a specific function. They automate and simplify business processes and provide further details unavailable in spreadsheets. If you’d like to kill your spreadsheets, here […]

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Cloud vs on-prem software: which is better?

By / March 10, 2016 / / 2 Comments

All the latest technology news is about the advancements of cloud software. It feels like a cloud software company becomes an overnight success every day. So what’s the big deal about cloud software, and how does it differ to what you’re already using? Here’s a guide to the characteristics of cloud programs, on-prem software, and […]

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HR Tech News March

By / March 4, 2016 / , , , , , , / 0 Comments

Welcome to March’s latest HR tech news and thoughts from Australia and around the world. Failed school intranet project spent AU$1.4m on launch party before crashing and burning In an example of what not to do, the Victorian Government is facing allegations of misdeeds for their Ultranet project. The original goal of the Ultranet project […]

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Webinar- Hack your org charts with Planning@Work

Hack your restructures with Planning@Work in this webinar: Wednesday, the 24th of February at 12:00pm AEDT Take control of your organisation’s shape and direction by predicting the future using Planning@Work. What would you do if an executive member left? What would happen if you had to go through a major restructure? Hack your own brain with Planning@Work to have the […]

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HR Tech News February 2016

Welcome to this month’s update on HR Technology news from Australia, New Zealand and abroad. Parse is moving on, Oracle promotes mobile cloud service Parse, the hosting platform popular for creating and testing apps, is winding down over the course of this year. Parse was an established hosting platform with tested resolve for enterprise solutions. […]

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3 ways the internet of things will change HR

The internet of things uses data to make informed decisions, automating parts of our everyday life. Everything from our morning routines to the way we work will be affected. “The Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept that describes a future where everyday physical objects will be connected to the Internet and be able […]

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How wearables will revolutionise HR

By / October 8, 2015 / , , / 1 Comment

Wearable technology is one of the hottest trends in tech. Technology that fits on your person is going to revolutionise a myriad of industries, HR included. You need to get on the wearables movement now and figure out ways to incorporate the tech into your organisation. Ignoring wearables will make you look behind the times, putting you […]

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Bad data threatens to stop HR analytics dead in its tracks

By / September 24, 2015 / , , , / 3 Comments

The relevance of HR analytics is threatened if human resources professionals rely on bad data to make strategic decisions. People analytics is a new concept in the world of HR. You may need to familiarise yourself with how to read and interpret data – mostly how to sort the good from the bad. The emerging […]

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Workforce modelling vs HR analytics

Navigo recently sent out an email campaign on the benefits of workforce modelling. Grant has been busy keeping up with the overwhelming response from HR pro’s who are looking to become Modelling Masters. This is a great opportunity to highlight the differences between workforce modelling and HR analytics. Both are great tools necessary for organisational success, but they […]

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4 ways holacracy could put org charts in a spin (Part 2 of 2)

By / September 17, 2015 / , , / 2 Comments

Here’s part 2 of our series on Holacracy. This post will look at job descriptions and accountability in a holacratic organisation. Employees control their responsibilities in a holacratic organisation and answer to their teams instead of managers. hiring new people can become difficult when everyone’s jobs evolve on a constant basis. Accountability becomes a concern […]

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