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HRIS Analytics

Actionable insights based on your organisation structure

Drowning in disconnected HR data?

Most organisations in today's technological age have too many systems, too much data available to them and no approved process for safely sharing it.


Data is frequently locked in a centralised HRIS with restricted access, leaving the extraction process a painful task. Exporting sensitive data in excel format is not secure and can expose your organisation to potential security risks.


Gaining useful organisational insights is heavily reliant on the manager's analytics skills. Deriving useful information from thousands of rows of data in a spreadsheet is not an easy task.

"With a number of change proposals going at any time, there was just no point in doing these things manually."

     Andrew Robb, Manager, OH&S and Information

The secure way to unlock your HRIS data

Workforce modelling uses role-based security to act as a gatekeeper to an organisation’s sensitive employee data. This allows wide and deep access to HR data, wide across the organisation and deep for approved managers.


Combined with automated workforce analytics, all layers of management have access to insights about their employees in easy-to-digest visual format. View department budgets, employment types, leave liability, diversity objectives and talent ratings. Use customised dashboards to centralise key metrics and create a consistent management dialogue on workforce modelling.


Want to learn more? Read our article explaining the key differences between workforce modelling and HR analytics.


Create your HR insight machine

  • Use conditional formatting to communicate complex formulas & KPIs in simple, easy to understand visual format

  • Provide simple, employee focused HRIS analytics to your business

  • Automate HR reporting through calculations, conditional formatting & formulas that can be set up for repeatable, accurate weekly reports

  • Eliminate siloed data sets by providing managers access to maintain relevant data from your source of truth

  • Share and discuss critical workforce KPIs (leave, diversity, age, talent, salary, budget, succession, length of service, headcount & span of control)


What is the best HR analytics product for my organisation?