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HRIS Integration

Unlock the benefits hidden in your HRIS

Spending too much time manually creating charts from outdated data?

Traditional org charts suffer from a fundamental flaw - they are instantly out-of-date the moment they’re created. Worse still, they’re manually created with static data that can’t be updated and fail to access the deep data stored in your HRIS.


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In-built HRIS integrations

Use HRIS integration to create a single source of truth

Integrating your workforce modelling tool with your HRIS or payroll ensures your org charts are always up to date. With confidence in the data, managers are able to act on insights and provide timely updates to HR.


The restructure process is greatly simplified with change audits and conflict reporting at the point of approval. Immediately identify and report on any conflicts between your live HRIS data and restructure modelling. Secure access stops sensitive data being downloaded and transferred as individual files with secure access.


The data warehousing capability allows the input of multiple data sources (e.g. excel and CSV) to build a single, complete picture of your organisation. Chart finance, marketing or production data and combine with employee reporting lines for easy navigation and department analytics.

Benefits of HRIS integration

  • Secure data management that is compliant with your internal data security requirements

  • Eliminate data transfers via email, Excel or other programs

  • Remove the need for manual data manipulation

  • Automatic org chart creation, updated on a daily basis

  • Visualise your HRIS data to correct organisation hierarchy & position titles


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