org.manager enables organisations to manage succession, mobility and career development for any individual or role within the organisation. Gain insights into your workforce and ensure talent continuity by enhancing people’s profiles with performance, certifications, readiness for future positions and manager's input regarding the appropriate next career step.

Succession Planning

How does a company maintain strength in times of demographic change and a small talent pool? One important area for remaining competitive and innovative is the ability to identify and retain talented employees. Some companies, however, are unaware at the highest administrative level where the best talent can be found for specific tasks from within the company's own ranks. 

Some key benefits of using the succession planning chart:

  • Build / manage key talent indicators such as potential rating, flight risk and retirement risk
  • Provides a rational approach to planning for succession and employee readiness
  • The workflow management tool allows for the effortless visualisation and sharing succession pathways
  • High risk roles can be identified, highlighted and tracked
  • Keeps your key talent motivated and engaged
  • Visualise personnel and organisational relationships in order to identify qualified employees
  • Identify key employees that could be endangered by business changes 
  • Gain easy access to helpful overviews / summaries of endless HR data

The potential performance grid is a quick and easy reference tool that available in org.manager. Use the structured way to visualise performance metrics and key items such as absences, vacation time and overtime to provide clear insights to managers and senior executives.