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Best of breed HR solutions, systems consulting and research.

"Navigo is an Australian HR solutions company specialising in cutting edge, targeted software to solve specific operational and strategic HR issues."

Who we are

We are HR Technology experts specialising in mid-tier HRIS and point solutions that deliver hard ROI against transactional HR activities.
Working with over 600 customers across various industry sectors in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea our solutions include:

  • Organisational Charting, Workforce Visualisation, Modelling & Planning
  • Paperless Employee Onboarding
  • HR Systems Consulting

Our tight knit Melbourne based team consists of a combination of HRIS veterans and technology experts.
We're big on getting the right people who believe in our core values.

Our timeline

  • 2002 - Solid Rock founded for Alesco consulting services

  • 2004 - Navigo Management Solutions becomes reseller of OrgPlus

  • 2007 Solid Rock merges with NMS to form Navigo

  • 2010 - First Navigo Research Tech Survey released

  • 2013 - HROnboard launched to Australia and New Zealand

  • 2014 - Cloud based version of OrgPlus, Planning@Work, is launched