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Visualise and model your entire workforce

OrgCharting for Small Business

Take the data from your HR systems and put it to use with captivating org charts.

Create company directories, budget reports, restructure plans and more with the worlds #1 desktop org charting tool.

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OrgCharting for Enterprise

The ultimate workforce modelling tool, Planning@Work allows you to visualise complex charts for thousands of employees in seconds.


Allow your entire organisation to view their company hierarchy and directory with one click.

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So which one is right for me?

If you want to chart more than 500 employees, have multiple users, need your data automatically kept up to date or want to share your charts with the whole organisation, you need Planning@Work.


If you just want to create charts in PDF format with a single user account (and don't mind manually refreshing your data) OrgPlus will easily meet all your charting requirements.

OrgPlus Desktop vs Planning@Work

UsersOrgPlus DesktopPlanning@Work
No. of Users1 per licenseUnlimited
FeaturesOrgPlus DesktopPlanning@Work
Chart Photos
Conditional Formatting
Mobile Access
Advanced Search
Import Succession Plans from ERP/HCM
9-Box Matrix View
Publishing & SharingOrgPlus DesktopPlanning@Work
Company Intranet 
IntegrationOrgPlus DesktopPlanning@Work
CSV Upload
Payroll/HRIS SystemOptionalOptional
Security & HostingOrgPlus DesktopPlanning@Work
Hosting LocationLocal computerCloud or On-prem server
Browser CompatibilityInternet ExplorerInternet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox
Data RefreshesManual or scheduled from local machineAutomatically scheduled from server
Sensitive DataVisibleHidden based on user access
"Although we could produce advanced reports internally, we will probably just commission Navigo because of the speed and simplicity of their service." - Andrew Robb, Manager, Occupational Health, Safety & Information at UWS

Org Charting Training and Mentoring

Need help creating charts, modelling a restructure or building HR systems integrations?


Our expert consultants are here to help, no matter how large or small the project.

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